Apple Watch: Initial Thoughts and Observations

The utilitarian mindset that asks “Why would anyone waste money on a gold watch?” isn’t going to be able to come to grips with what Apple is doing here. They’re going to say that Jony Ive and Tim Cook have lost their minds. They’re going to wear out their keyboards typing “This never would have happened if Steve Jobs were alive.” They’re going to predict utter and humiliating failure. In short, they’re going to mistake Apple for Vertu.

→ Daring Fireball

How One Boy With Autism Became B.F.F.’s With Apple’s Siri

I have to say the subject of autism affects me as one of my uncle is also living in his own thoughts. It’s delightful to hear about the positive impact of technology on people who would not have access to it, just a few years ago.

My kindest thoughts to you, Eric.

“It’s not that Gus doesn’t understand Siri’s not human. He does — intellectually. But like many autistic people I know, Gus feels that inanimate objects, while maybe not possessing souls, are worthy of our consideration. I realized this when he was 8, and I got him an iPod for his birthday. He listened to it only at home, with one exception. It always came with us on our visits to the Apple Store. Finally, I asked why. “So it can visit its friends,” he said.”

→ The New York Times

Why Apple is Valued Like an Oil Company

There’s no real conclusion here except that I don’t think investors really get technology. They don’t understand truly good and new things and how powerful they are. They think innovation is a word on a mug and a thing discussed in conferences at the Marriott. This is the bizarre thing about Apple, the only people that really get it are it’s customers.

→ The Tech Block

Apple – After The Thrill Is Gone

As such, the thrill and excitement of extraordinary returns is simply not there anymore. And when the thrill of extraordinary returns is gone, then there is not a whole lot of reasons to hold onto the Apple. In which case, you are more prone to sell it than to hold on to it. In other words, you become trigger sell happy. I think that as more and more investors realize this, more and more will chose to sell.

→ Seeking Alpha