Fashion Blogging Has a Transparency Problem

Bloggers often act alone, or in small teams, meaning that content decisions and business decisions are often made by the same people and true ‘church and state’ separation can be impractical to implement. Nonetheless, bloggers should strive to be more transparent and clearly distinguish between editorial and advertising.

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Learning From Past Crises: Into The Safety Zone

There are limitations to what we can learn from the past, if the world has changed or the Eurozone is special. The Eurozone is special because individual countries cannot count on the central bank acting as lender of last resort to the sovereign. This makes self-fulfilling crises possible, since high spreads (say because of an expectation of Eurozone breakup) make sovereign defaults more likely.

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Dick Fuld In Exile

For instance, last September, when Clare Baldwin, an enterprising freelance reporter for Reuters, rang the front gate at his property near Sun Valley, Idaho, to get an interview – still the only one he has granted since Lehman’s demise – the first words out of Fuld’s mouth when he saw her were, “You don’t have a gun. That’s good.”

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