Farewell, The Magazine.

Glenn Fleishman :

In the newspaper and periodical world, we spell some things differently for reasons of space and to make sure the meaning isn’t lost. The first, or lead, paragraph (graf) of an article is called the “lede”: it’s where we tell you what the story is going to be about before we tell you the story. “Burying the lede” is when you hide the most important fact farther down, as I’ve done here.

The Magazine was much more than what it used to be called.

Originally initiated by Marco Arment, the former lead developer at Tumblr and the founder of Instapaper, its aim was to promote longforms and to be the simplest magazine platform for plain text on the iPhone and iPad. No PDFs, no cumbersome layout that’s trying to fit the large and small screens at once, just the interface filled with a beautiful typography.

Thanks to a little monthly-subscription, the editor and owner (in this case Glenn) commissioned writers on virtually any kind of stories.

Back in August, I sent an email to Glenn to thank him for his work and his commitment, also to let him know that I was keeping my subscription on, even though I wasn’t reading it much lately. Maybe I sensed what was going on ?

Today, this proved to be unsuccessful and I’m sad to hear that it is shutting down as I am a long time subscriber — since Marco released it —, an enthusiastic reader and a firm believer that this was the way to produce, or at least to build the modern platform that magazines deserve.

This was one of those service that you were willing to support for a few bucks, just to let it operates by itself. Like funding a nonprofit organization in the background.

Farewell, The Magazine.

→ Glenn Fleishman

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