$2 Billion and Counting

Daniel Ek, Founder and CEO of Spotify, on Taylor Swift, revenues and the myths about the streaming industry.

He properly nailed it.

It’s not about Spotify and others not paying artists fairly, it’s about fans not willing to pay and play it the old way.
$2 billion, not a bad number.

In the long run how much is worth your favorite CD or your one-time iTunes purchase to the artist compared to decades of playbacks on that same album ?
I betcha my Led Zeppelin IV would be platinum-plated if Spotify existed at that time.

Why link free and paid? Because the hardest thing about selling a music subscription is that most of our competition comes from the tons of free music available just about everywhere. Today, people listen to music in a wide variety of ways, but by far the three most popular ways are radio, YouTube, and piracy – all free. Here’s the overwhelming, undeniable, inescapable bottom line: the vast majority of music listening is unpaid. If we want to drive people to pay for music, we have to compete with free to get their attention in the first place.

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