Bill Gross’s Bloomberg Terminal, Now A Piece of History

The keyboard will be on display as part of the Smithsonian’s “American Enterprise” exhibition and become part of the permanent collection, according to Peter Liebhold, chair and curator of the division of work and industry at the Washington-based National Museum of American History. Accompanying the keyboard are two Beanie Babies — a bull and a bear that were draped over Gross’s monitors at Pimco — and a pair of fuzzy dice representing “his beginnings as a professional blackjack player,” Liebhold said.

“My favorite thing is the password,” Liebhold said in a telephone interview Friday. “If you look at the keyboard you can see that Bill Gross, who’s controlling maybe the biggest bond fund in the world, on a piece of paper Scotch taped to the top of his keyboard has written his ID and his password. So he’s just like everybody else.”

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