The Kid’s A Natural

Father to son :

The fact that my son is showing a prosperous interest in the hobby that I love makes me, as a father, happy to see the future generation of model builders develop. Building models isn’t such a popular hobby anymore and I get that. But he sees me doing it and thinks it’s cool. I do realize that he’ll likely move on, like I did, and find other hobbies to enjoy. That’s perfectly okay. These initial builds will certainly mean more to me than him. He’s learning the ins and outs and at a very astute pace.

This remind me of an Alpha Jet I built when I was a kid. I enjoyed it quite a lot, my father not that much when I tainted his cherish desk, while painting the wings of the aircraft to the colors of the French national flag. Nonetheless, it leaves a lasting memory on its antique furniture —I guess. 

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