My Birthday Present

There has been a huge debate about ad-supported websites, following the introduction of content-blockers a few weeks ago on Apple’s iOS 9. From a user perspective, I think this was much needed.

I’ve always valued great contents and I’m more than willing to pay for it.

While many of the people I know get news for free, I’ve accumulated subscriptions to my many of my favorite newspapers and websites.
Sometimes because there was no other way to access their contents or sometimes because I couldn’t feel comfortable not rewarding their work, even though it meant to pay for hefty subscriptions. They don’t come cheap but it’s well worth it. I always felt the need to be connected to information and to rely on trusted sources, anyway. 

I guess that my quest is a vanity : such prestigious publications, renowned for centuries are made to enlighten real professionals, people who take action based on these informations (Knowledge To Act —Reuters). Nevermind, even though I may not be the smartest guy around, I keep on educating myself, to broaden my view and stay informed. Always Learning, as Pearson’ tag line says.

Sure, there’s always the free and highly reliable news sources like Reuters or Bloomberg, but the tone in their articles is so different from paid contents, there isn’t the same engagement and it definitely doesn’t feel like being part of the club. 

But let’s get back to my blog. 

As you may have seen, The Abnormal Capitalist is hosted by WordPress which, by default, force the reader to see some ads, unless using a content or ad-blocker.

So, as it’s my birthday today and because I value my readers, I will upgrade this blog in the coming weeks to a premium package that will hide ads.

Because I’m happy with WordPress and the ease it provides to my workflow, I’m OK to pay a little extra to support Automattic development (home of WP) and deliver my content, ad-free.

Great professional writers do deserve revenues, by any means and unless there’s no alternative to ads, I encourage you to support their work by whitelisting their websites/blogs or by donating to them.

Finally, The AbCap has grown substantially (maybe this is because of Apple News ?) : the past quarter (not including the full month of October) surpassed the whole year of 2014.

Anyhow, I’m not into breaking records, but these stats are really promising, and they encourage me to continue into this journey.

Now let me grab a drink…