It’s Time To Make Taxes Non-Toxic

Conducting complicated, high-stakes budget negotiations on live television is a terrible idea — it’ll lead to preening and posturing and push negotiators toward oversimplified fixed positions rather than nuance or compromise. But the deeper problem is that it incentivizes negotiators to propose only safe and popular ideas, allowing both politicians and the people to shirk their core responsibilities.

→ Time Ideas

Mitigating Market Abuse

Those looking to find any unfair advantage and exploit markets are investing heavily in technology, so it is critical that regulators partner with industry solutions that have the resources to continue to innovate and take advantage of new technology such as big data, cloud computing, social media and sentiment analysis.

→ Fix Global Trading

Getting to Normal

The de facto default by Greece early this year ended investors’ complacency. The government bonds of peripheral eurozone countries thus became toxic. Given the unprecedented nature of the Greek default, the market valuation of peripheral debt has been fluctuating widely, still searching for “fundamentals,” such as deficit or debt levels, that could explain the evolution of risk premia over time.

→ Project Syndicate

What if the Global Financial Crisis is Permanent

In a week where prominent fund manager Bill Gross likened America’s credit-based economic model to a crystal meth addiction (like any ‘hopium’ or narcotic, debt borrows the benefits of tomorrow for the enjoyment of today) and when central banks, from Australia to Russia, are joining peers in Europe, Britain, the US and Japan in pushing down rates or pump-priming markets with liquidity, one can see another of Mill’s classic warnings – the tyranny of the majority – coming true, with quick fixes and short-term solutions the order of the day.

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