Strawberry Fields – Forever?

As John Lennon forewarned, it is getting harder to be someone, and harder to maintain the economic growth that investors have become accustomed to. The New Normal, like Strawberry Fields will “take you down” and lower your expectation of future asset returns. It may not last “forever” but it will be with us for a long, long time.


Stimulus vs. austerity: Getting it just right

The impending fiscal cliff could disrupt the post-financial-crisis adjustment process and benign pattern of gradual transition in the U.S. economy, however. The cases of Japan in the 1990s, and Spain more recently, demonstrate that if economies are not sufficiently advanced in their private-sector recoveries and deleveraging processes, an excessive emphasis on near-term fiscal austerity may ultimately be counterproductive.

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It’s Time To Make Taxes Non-Toxic

Conducting complicated, high-stakes budget negotiations on live television is a terrible idea — it’ll lead to preening and posturing and push negotiators toward oversimplified fixed positions rather than nuance or compromise. But the deeper problem is that it incentivizes negotiators to propose only safe and popular ideas, allowing both politicians and the people to shirk their core responsibilities.

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Mitigating Market Abuse

Those looking to find any unfair advantage and exploit markets are investing heavily in technology, so it is critical that regulators partner with industry solutions that have the resources to continue to innovate and take advantage of new technology such as big data, cloud computing, social media and sentiment analysis.

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