Milestone #2 : Important to my Readers

Okay guys, we’ve made it. February 2015 is the best month for The AbCap.

I’d like thank you all for viewing, liking and sharing some of these articles. I take no pride in the process, they all belong to their authors.

Anyhow, you’ve probably contributed more to the blog than many of my friends, which feels weird, but that allowed me to connect with new people. I thank you for that.

Numbers remain undisclosed because they’re shy and irrelevant to any and especially me. I do it for my own pleasure and try to invest in it as much as I can — not much actually.

Being tied to a blog made me even more curious, more opened in order to deliver to you some great pieces. Many didn’t make it to The AbCap, but it certainly cultured me.

It doesn’t matter the outcome as long as it feels great to you.

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